"The Church Doors Might be Closed, but the 

Windows of Heaven are Wide Open!"

2020 Dorcas  program  2021

Washington Conference Branch • Sunday, November 29, 2020 • Women's Missionary Society

In 1816, the African Methodist Episcopal Church was organized under the leadership of Richard Allen. The first Missionary activities with the women began with the organizing of the Dorcas Society by Richard Allen in 1824. They worked together caring for the ministers who were helping to establish the A. M. E. Church. Sarah Allen organized the Daughters of the Conference to sew, mend, and patch coats, pants and underwear and raise money so that the pastors, with their tattered clothes, might be presentable at the opening of the Conference, after having traveled and worked hard during the year.

Pink & Black Circles

Washington Conference Branch Women's Missionary Society

2020 Virtual Annual Convention Recap

"Continuing the Legacy of Service in the Midst of a Crisis"

The Reverend Dr. Jo Ann Browning, Guest Speaker | Esther 4:13-16

Washington Conference Branch Women's Missionary Society

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