Sis. Geneva is a member of New Liberation AMEC in Landover, Maryland. She is first a child of the Most High King, saved by the Almighty grace of God. She is the President of the Sarah E. Tanner Missionary Society, Superintendent of Church School, Leader to the Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Exhorter for the Love Feast Ministry, Leader in Praise and Worship every Sunday morning, and Leads in Praise and Worship at other churches upon request.

She gave her life to God, and He has blessed her. She loves to praise Him day and night and finds herself praising God in the middle of the night. The experiences that she had on her walk with God have given her new life and growth in His word. She has been honored for outstanding service in the field of missions. She has been given the honor of being the Woman of the Year at Brown Memorial and at New Liberation.

The call of God on her life was very real to her in 1998, but like others, did not answer until later. In 2006, she received her license to Exhort in 2008. In 2010 and 2011 she attended the Exhorter’s Class on Instructions to Exhort at Turner Memorial A.M.E Church and received her Certificate to Exhortation at the Potomac District Conference 2011. During her retirement event it was told by her co-workers that she had been exhorting all her years on that job, she just didn’t know it then. To God be the glory! He knew it.

She retired from the Federal government after 30 years of service, where she received numerous awards. She worked at Antioch Day Care and at the Valley View Elementary and also volunteers at different nursing homes. She now volunteers every Tuesday and brings prayer, scripture, praise and worship along with exhortations to the residents and their families, at the Bradford Nursing Home, in Clinton, Maryland.

She was born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina to the late Mr. Alphonso and Lottie C. Porter. She is the thirteenth of fourteen siblings. She is married to Kenneth E. Chadwick, mother to Cassandra T. Crosson, and Carleen C. Armstrong; godmother to Keith E. Maddox; stepmother to Cheryl Chadwick; grandmother to DeAndre’, Valerie, Vanessa, Donnie, and so many children adopted by her by the Mighty hands of God.

The Lord has been good to her and she truly wants to serve Him. He gave her a voice and she will use it to be of service to Him while serving others. Praise the Lord!