2nd Annual Annette C. Jones Scholarship and Book Awards

The winners of the 2nd Annual Annette C. Jones Scholarship and Book Awards were presented at the WCB WMS Recommitment and Rededication Service on September 28, 2019. We sincerely thank everyone who applied for the scholarship. The winners are as follows:

Scholarship Winners

  • 1st Place - $1,000.00

  • Iyonna Powell, Mt. Olive AMEC

  • 2nd Place - $550.00

  • Mia Alexander, Mt. Moriah AMEC

  • 3rd Place - $350.00

  • Dominic Burgess, Allen Chapel AMEC, Silver Spring

Book Awards - $100.00

  • Abigail Cohen, Embry AMEC

  • Gabriel Whisner, Wayman AMEC, Frederick

  • Gabriella Rene, Greater Mt. Nebo AMEC

  • Kyla Earl, Community of Hope AMEC

We thank the Annette C. Jones Scholarship Committee for their service. The Committee is comprised of:

  • Selerya Moore, Chair

  • Gloria Keaton, Celeste W. Duckette Area

  • Etta Caison, Catherine C. Hemingway Area

  • Patricia Edmond, Matilda Monroe Area

  • Kimberly Wiggins, WCB WMS Member-At-Large

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