Allen Chapel DC: Lupus Awareness Month

The Della B. Greene Missionary Society recognized Lupus Awareness throughout the month of May. Each Sunday, we provided information on this disease that disproportionately affects our community.

On the first, second, and third Sunday in May, we handed out flyers focusing on different aspects of Lupus each Sunday.

On the first Sunday, we focused on general awareness that May is Lupus awareness month. The flyer featured a butterfly graphic with the Lupus tagline of “Support the Fighters, Admire the Survivors, Honor the Taken, and Never Give Up Hope.”

The second Sunday focused on what is Lupus – an unpredictable autoimmune disease that is very difficult to diagnose — as well as the fact that it can affect any part of the body and that African American and other women of color are at two to three times greater risk of getting the disease as Caucasian women.

The third Sunday focused on a more comprehensive list of symptoms, including the butterfly rash some people develop when they have Lupus.

On the last Sunday of the month, we presented a three-minute PowerPoint presentation that provided even more facts about the disease during both of our services. The presentation included profiles of two Allen Chapel members who have Lupus. These profiles provided a more personal look into the disease and at how the two members came to be diagnosed, how it affects them differently, and how they are living with the disease today. One of them was available to come and speak at one of the services and give more detail into her journey with Lupus.

An excerpt of the presentation that was presented to the congregation is provided.

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