Transforming Lives, Building Communities and Impacting the World.

To God be the Glory for the Great Things He has done in the Washington Conference Branch Women’s Missionary Society.

We are the women, men and youth of the Washington Conference who are ready for another year of service to our Church, Community and our global neighbors. In less than two months, we will conclude this Quadrennial of service. We will gather in Columbus, Ohio for the 19th Quadrennial Convention.

We anticipate change. We will elect new officers, embrace a new theme for the Connectional WMS, and even make recommendations to our Constitution and Bylaws.

We are so proud of the 9th elected outgoing International President of the Connectional Women’s Missionary Society, Dr. Shirley Cason Reed. She has been a phenomenal leader these past eight years!

We will remember how she served with dignity, integrity, eloquence, and led by the Holy Spirit as she unfolded the vision of mission work under the banner of Transforming Lives, Building Communities and Impacting the World.

The good news is that each of you were a part of the teamwork that helped to make this work have impact.

  • You supported Missionaries on the Move, you gave to the Lupus Foundation, you donated to disaster relief; you made no-sew blankets; you donated Solar Backpacks; you donated to the Haiti Project; you donated eye glasses; you visited shelters; you sent letters to incarcerated men and women; you hosted Angel Tree Parties for Children; and you supported bereaved families.

  • You provided training sessions, you attended training sessions, and you hosted Health Fairs—these are only a few contributions you made and will continue to make through your service as a Missionary.

  • When someone needed a word of encouragement, you were there. When someone needed a kind gesture of hope and the belief that kindness, love and faith were still alive and well, they saw you.

  • You are called and anointed to do this work of Missions. Much has been given, but so much more remains to be done.

Thank You for your service, it is not in vain.

Jeanette S. Hite, President

Washington Conference Branch

Women’s Missionary Society

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