Dorcas Reflection from Campbell AME

The Washington Conference Branch of The Women’s Missionary Society (WCB WMS) held the Dorcas Extravaganza Elimination proceedings at St. Mark A.M.E.C. on October 26, 2019. Campbell’s Lucille E. Dale (LED) WMS representative, Donna Cox, came in 2nd place! Congratulations Donna on your tremendous efforts towards this critical element of the Society’s work. I thought it was an impactful program with a focus on the strength of women, and what we can accomplish when we decide to step up and use the gifts and talents God has given to us in order to help those who may be less fortunate than we are. That is exactly what Dorcas of Joppa was known for in Acts 9:36-38 (read it when you get a chance).

We don’t have to use our imaginataion to see that the scripture found in Matthew 25: 31-40 is calling all of us to be Dorcas in order to meet the needs (natural and spiritual) of others. Whether you decided to visit the sick, provide meals to the hungry, assist with building a home, provide items to a women’s shelter, provide school supplies to teachers, tutor elementary children in a literacy program, work with a prison ministry, help a caregiver, etc., Keep It Up! If you are still trying to figure out how to help, ask God to reveal ways to you--I’m sure He’s already equipped you with what you need to accomplish it!!!

Wearing white is nice, but it’s even better if we get a little dirt on it while we work.

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