My Trip Home to Panama City, FL

Campbell AME: On October 28, I traveled home to Panama City, FL after Hurricane Michael had done so much damage. My companion, Bro. Wesley Watkins, from St. Paul United Methodist Church traveled with me. He, too, is from Panama City. As we drove closer to our destination on Hwy 231 leading into Panama City, we could see all along the highway the pine trees that had been snapped like toothpicks, and the damage that had been done to homes and businesses. It was a horrific sight. I cried. I have family members that lost everything.

I am thankful to God for the lives that he spared. It was reported that the hurricane Michael was two miles from being a Category 5; well, two miles didn’t make much of a difference. The Panama City that I grew up in is now gone. The destruction and devastation is something you would have to see to believe. It will take years for this city to recover. Eighty percent of the buildings were either damaged or destroyed.

I just want to thank my church family for their material and monetary gifts; Crusaders Baptist Church of God, Rockville, MD; Ashbury Town Neck United Methodist Church, Severn, MD; my office, Grant Thornton; my sister, Diane and her husband, Greg for their generous donation; and friends far and near who sent me monetary blessings. The supplies, gift cards and money were definitely needed and appreciated.

Also, Panama City is the home of Sisters Jeanette S. Hite and Felecia Scott. Please continue to pray and do whatever you can for so many in need. God Bless!

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