On Being a Quadrennial 2019 Delegate by Delegate Edna Dorsey

When you are elected as a Delegate to the 2019 Quadrennial, you wonder what it is that all about. You arrive at the Convention Site where it all begins. At a large event like the Quadrennial, there are plenty of opportunities for confusion and complaining. But being patient and understanding is the key for everything. Little things like a meeting room change with no notification can be frustrating, but you must have patience. Worship is always a blessing. It calms the heart and the spirit. There was good news from the preacher for the opening worship service. Bishop Anne Henning-Byfield preached on the topic, “Having a Seat at the Table.” She reminded us of the significance of the table in our homes of years gone by. It brought back memories and I began to forget about some of my frustrations and settled down after a good “word.”

Then there was the business side of the convention. In particular, the review and discussion on the Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws. It required a large portion of our convention time. Often it was too much time spent on things that I did not think required that much discussion. At times I must admit I was lost on the long discussion concerning attire for the YPD.

Mission Around the World is about Hope, Helping and Healing. For me, it is about what we can do for those in our communities who continue to suffer. Not enough is done there. We have to help our youth know and understand that they are our future leaders today and tomorrow is right around the corner. We need to make sure they are ready to serve with a grateful heart.

I would like to know about our missionary sisters around the world. I wish there was more time for us to interact with one another. All in all, everything was great.

But the highlight for me was when we elected our new International WMS President, Dr. Deborah Taylor-King. That was a moment that all the Delegates were proud and happy to be a part of, especially if you were a first time Delegate. This was a magnificent Quadrennial. It is an experience that I hope every Delegate was proud to serve in. I thank the Washington Conference for allowing me the opportunity to serve as a delegate.

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