Reid Temple AME YPD'ers: Glo, Grow, and Go for Christ

The motto of the YPD is “Grow, Glow, and Go for Christ.” The young people at Reid Temple have always been busy doing just what the motto instructs them to do. This Conference year is no different.

Reid YPDers in Action


Conference year 2018-2019 ended on a high note and 2019-2020 is off to a great start. At the Annual Youth Night on March 29, 2019, we had 3 young people to be elected to WCB YPD officer positions. They will begin their service on the Washington Conference YPD Executive Board after the 19th Quadrennial Convention. Amber Chamber was elected to the office of Secretary of Communications; Truth Dickens (Reid Temple/Adams Inspirational) was elected as Editor of the Washington Conference YPD Newsletter, and Lyric Young as Assistant Editor. Although their positions will not officially begin until after the Quadrennial they have been working tirelessly, which lets us know that the right persons were elected to office. Lyric Young had a lot to say about her experience at the Washington Conference Annual Youth Night.


The theme for the 2019 Youth Night of the Washington Annual Conference was “We Are the Church” and it was a great worship service! Having the youth execute the program was inspiring and good to experience. The choirs, liturgical dancers and mime artists really showed their talent and ministered to us all. One performance I enjoyed was the New Beginnings Youth Choir, First AMEC Alexandria. Their energy and talent had everyone up on their feet. I also liked how the youth of the Washington Conference was able to speak about different issues within the church, and how the church elders and leaders were open to ideas. Lastly, I appreciated the election of new WCB YPD officers where I was elected Assistant Editor. Overall, Youth Night was amazing and I am looking forward to the 2020 conference! Lyric Young (15 years old)


Since Annual Youth Night, the YPDers participated in “Coffee and Conversation-The State of Prince George’s County Public Schools.” This event included a panel of educators, board members, etc who all shared their perspective on Prince George’s County School System. Our YPDers were asked to introduce the panelist and distinguished guest at the event. This was a great event for our YPDers as all of them are in school and this forum allowed them to have a “seat at the table” and hear and participate in engaging debate and commentary about the school system in which they are enrolled. Our YPDers also had an opportunity to interact with county officials (elected and appointed) and a plethora of education community activist. This phenomenal experience was held at Reid Temple on April 13, 2019. Read about Truth’s experience at this event.


"My attendance in the Lay Event: Coffee and Conversations helped open my eyes to see the real issues of Prince George’s County Public Schools. Concerned family members of students came out to ask questions and receive resolutions. Panelists—from teachers to students to parents and board members—explained their points of view on certain topics and what they believe would be most beneficial for the students. The Interim Chief Executive Officer of Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Dr. Monica Goldson was present to discuss her plans and budgets as well as to answer questions from the audience. This event was an eye-opening experience, and I hope I’m invited again to participate. Truth D. (16 years old)"


In the area of missions, the YPDers had an opportunity to complete their first “Good to Great Project” in April. A “Good to Great Project” requires our YPDers to take someone's life from a good state to a great state. This requires us/them to listen to God when He speaks and not to be afraid of what He tasks us with completing. After all we are here to be a blessing to someone else. So meet Jaron, a Prince George’s County Home Hospital student who has multiple disabilities that prevent him from attending school. Jaron is an 18 year old quadriplegic, who has cerebral palsy, tracheotomy, blind, can’t speak and has never spoken. I was assigned as Jaron’s teacher in February 2019. While in his room I noticed it was reminiscent of a hospital room… the walls were bare, the carpet was worn, his supplies were not accessible… the room was in need of some TLC. I shared with the YPDers that I wanted them to make his room over. The group was eager and excited to do such a project. Our thinking was since he has to be in his room then it needs to be beautiful. This “Good to Great Project” would require a full room transformation to include paint, floor, and décor! So early Saturday, April 20, 2019, the YPDers and friends of the YPD to include Councilmember Calvin Hawkins and his team met in District Heights, MD and the transformation occurred. See what Amber had to say about this experience!


"My experience making over Jaron’s room was one like no other. I got a chance to work alongside other teens and met Councilman Calvin Hawkins. I volunteered because I thought I was going to bless Jaron, but he was a blessing to me. I am so grateful that I got a chance to participate and brighten up his environment. The painting was fun and I was looking forward to decorating his room. It was an awesome day!" Amber C.

(14 years old)

Reid Temple YPDers are on a mission to do all the good they can for anyone they encounter. These young people have done a lot and this is just the first quarter of Conference year 2019-2020. Stay tuned to learn about how these young people continue to “grow” in leadership, “glow” as they become advocates for important causes and see where they “go” in their next “Good to Great Project.”

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