Tour of Students from Cape Town, South Africa

On Wednesday July 11th, members of the Lucille E. Dale WMS laid out the welcome mat for young students from Monument Park High School in Cape Town, South Africa. The students were rounding out their 21-day visit to the United States and Campbell was the last stop before heading back home. We were all very excited awaiting their arrival, and even though their arrival was delayed due to some mechanical issues the wait was worth it.

The ladies arrived first and greeted us with such love and kindness that we felt like they were hosting us.

Rev. Rowena White led off a devotional session and Pastor Henry White was there to give his usual grand greeting welcoming everyone to “Campbell-City of Praise.” We enjoyed wonderful fellowship with the students and chaperons during dinner. There was a very special moment during the evening when we celebrated the birthdays of two of the young men.

The Washington Conference Branch Women’s Missionary Society provided gift bags for the group, because everyone knows it’s a good idea to have some snacks on hand when you have a long flight home! Before leaving, the students treated us once again by singing their school song-it was a fitting end to a wonderful evening!

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