Warm Nights

Warm Nights is a program of the Community Crisis Services, Inc. (CCSI) and part of Prince George’s County Hypothermia Program. A number of churches within the Washington Conference Branch participate. Each church spends one week during the winter months giving homeless people a place to sleep, a home cooked dinner and breakfast, and a bag lunch to start their day. Warm Nights operates to provide overnight shelter to individuals in need of a safe, warm place to sleep. The program is intended as a supplement to homeless shelters.

This year, Reid Temple AMEC hosted Warm Nights during the week of January 13 through January 20, 2019. Each evening we housed 20 to 25 men, women and children.

Reid Temple AMEC missionaries, members, ministerial staff, ministries (Girls Scouts, Young Adults, Masters Touch, Harvest Warriors) and other community organizations cooked and served hot meals, prayed with our guests, entertained our guests with videos, games, took them to the laundromat to wash their clothes, and invited them to bible study. We also provided clothing, blankets and other items needed including coats, Pampers, etc.

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