Wayman Memorial "Socktober" Initiative

With much prayer Wayman Memorial AMEC (Baltimore) launched an initiative for the mon

th of October, called Socktober. We were able to collect more than 250 pair of socks for Baltimore City’s homeless population. Did you know that socks are one of the most requested items among the homeless population? Many homeless people walk several miles each day spending considerable time on their feet which causes socks to wear out quickly. People often donate coats or outerwear, but rarely do they donate new socks. Most people wear their socks until they are worn with holes, and since many shelters cannot except used socks, even those in good condition, the homeless community needs NEW socks that will last. In early November 2019 we went out to the streets to distribute Soup & Socks to the Inner City Baltimore homeless population. We discovered that giving a person a brand new pair of socks is what many take for granted. We were blessed by knowing that such a small gesture was needed by so many. It is such a blessing to be a blessing.

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