WCBWMS Life Members Were "In the House!"

Selerya Moore, Life Member

On Sunday, July 28, 2019 the Washington Conference Branch Women’s Missionary Society’s (WCB WMS) Life Members were among the enthusiastic delegates to the 19th Quadrennial of the Connectional Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) of the African Methodist Episcopal Church! Our Life Members stated that being a part of the processional for the opening worship experience was a great expression of recognition for the sacrifices and service that the WMS Life Members continue to do for God’s people in need. Thank you WCB WMS for all you do for Life Members of the Women’s Missionary Society.

The expressions that follow are from a few of the WCB WMS Life Members and summarize the feelings of all who traveled to Columbus, Ohio to attend the 19th Quadrennial Convention.

  1. “Our Sister President Shirley (Dr. Shirley Cason Reed) made us proud for such a great Quadrennial Convention; but we wouldn't expect anything less!”

  2. “It was wonderful being with an inter-generational group of WMS Members who were there to take care of business.”

  3. “The Quadrennial was well organized, inclusive and we had a very smooth election.”

  4. “Well, it appears that WMS Life Members are here to stay! We earned it the old fashion way, We Served and Continue to Serve!”

  5. “This was the best Quadrennial I have attended!”

  6. “The worship services and entertainment were outstanding.”

  7. “I’m happy that President Reed started recognizing the Life Members during Quadrennial Conventions.”

Former President Reed "We are happy to be your Sisters." And, President Deborah Taylor King, "WE are the Washington Conference Branch Women’s Missionary Society Life Members reporting for duty!"

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