Sis.  Selerya is currently a member of Turner Memorial AMEC in Hyattsville, MD and is a fourth generation member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  In addition to being President of the Johanna Morris Women’s Missionary Society, Sister Selerya serves at Turner Memorial as a Steward, Class Leader, Director of Lay Activities, Usher, and a coordinator and instructor for the New Members’/Disciples’ classes.  She also serves as a member of the Connectional WMS Commission on Mission Education and Interpretation.  Sister Selerya served as the Second Episcopal District 2nd Vice President and YPD Director; YPD Director of the Washington Conference Branch, and Turner Memorial; a Washington Conference Handy-Simmons Scholarship Chair; and Celeste W. Duckette Area PME Director.

Sister Selerya has both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Child Development and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in the area of Adult Education. For the past 40 years she has worked as an administrator, manager and educator in state and local government programs in Texas, Maryland, and the District of Columbia serving individuals from birth to 40 years and their families.