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What an incredible time we have had in the Washington Conference over the last several months! We are closing out the year 2022 with so many wonderful projects. What a blessing we have been to others.

Our Recommitment Service was the spiritual kickoff for our work.

Then we committed to invite the Lay Organization to join with the WMS as we organized and the Get the Vote out Caravan connecting the DMV from SE, DC to Landover, Maryland.

Additionally, we invited the Reverend William Lamar to join us on the Zoom platform to have a conversation about the “Importance of the Vote in our Present Day.” He made you ponder what can I do to have impact in this world?

We were blessed to provide over 125 turkeys and 100 gift cards to over 20 churches in the Washington Conference. Many families were blessed by what the Conference was able to do.


Summer 2022 Edition - Part 1

What an extraordinary Conference Year we have had! It has been filled with an abundance of creativity throughout the Conference, the Areas, and the Local Societies. The outreach work has been phenomenal!

Our YPDers have been front line helpers in mission work. The YPD Directors have been allowing our youth the opportunity to have the experience of giving to others and serving others.


We stand on the grounds of the Shelter to present gift cards in the amounts of $8,000.00 and a check in the amount of $2,000.00 making a grand total of $10,000.00 to the Shelter!


The Washington Conference was vested in the “Get the Vote Out” Campaign 2022. The WMS partnered with the Washington Conference Lay Organization to make an impact in our community. We coordinated a Get the Vote Out Caravan on Saturday, November 5, 2022 from Campbell AMEC in SE, DC to Love AMEC in Largo, MD. At each stop we prayed for the Church, Citizens, Community, and the Country.

Gathered at Campbell AMEC were missionaries, the laity, members of Campbell and the President of Lay Organization, Sis. Renee Edwards. Campbell’s Pastor, Rev. Terrance McKinley, and Rev. Derrick Brown, Pastor of New Hope AMEC in Waldorf, MD, rendered the opening prayers.

Rev. John Royster’s yellow motorcycle led the caravan to Allen Chapel AMEC, DC. Leading the prayer was Bro. Brian Glover, President of the Lay Organization at Allen AMEC, DC.

Next stop, St. Mark AMEC in Eastover Mall. We were blessed to have a group of Laity and Missionaries to join us, including President of the Lay organization, Sis. Wendy Brown and Missionary President Sis. Doris Gibson.


Summer 2022 Edition - Part 2

As part of the Women's History Month initiative, the Young Adult Missionaries (YAMS) of Metropolitan AMEC sponsored a project: collecting and distributing sanitary napkins to girls in high school and middle school: 17 packages of sanitary napkins donated to Anacostia HS, for a total of 1,400 items. Kramer Middle School received 15 boxes of sanitary napkins for a total of 1,320 items.

The Clytie C. Watkins Missionary Society of New Liberation AMEC, in collaboration with Girl Scout Troop 6486, collected items and filled 80 blessing bags to support the homeless. The items collected included toiletries, snacks, masks, hand sanitizers, socks, Our Daily Bread, and pens.


Spring Edition 2022 Part 1

The WCB WMS is excited about this new segment in the newsletter entitled, “A Bright Light in Mission Work,” where we will be highlighting a missionary who has exemplified a heart and mind for Christian missions. In this edition we will be spotlighting Sis. Delores Foster, Life Member.

FIA Baby.jpg

Winter Edition 2021

The Fannie Daugherty WMS partnered with the Frostburg Community and the Frostburg BRIDGE Program to donate needed supplies to the SED Hope Center Disaster Relief effort. We donated 153 male/feminine hygiene items, 104 wipes, 600 gloves, 27 bottles of hand sanitizer, 6 deodorants, 50 masks, 6 liquid soaps, 144 bottles of water, 78 diapers, 8 jars of baby food, 11 packages of crackers, 2 packages of raisins, 84 fruit cups, 30 packages of cookies, 2 packages of tuna, 12 cans of Vienna Sausage, and 28 Rice Krispies Treats.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Spring Edition 2021

We refer to our elder’s age 75 and older as “Diamonds” of Brown Memorial AME. Five of our Diamonds are over 89 years old. Because COVID-19 forces us to social distance, the Missionary Society decided to hug our Seniors with blankets. We purchased fabric, made and distributed blankets to 37 Seniors to keep them warm.


Spring Edition 2022 Part 2

Let’s face it. Losing a large amount of weight can be scary. I’ve run across several people who tell me that he or she needs to lose fifty pounds, seventy-five pounds or some of them may need to lose one hundred pounds or more. Those large numbers sound so far away and unachievable. Sometimes it’s discouraging to realize that you need to lose so much weight.

FIA Formula_edited.jpg

Fall Edition 2021

Bro. Gabriel Harper, a YPDer from Allen Chapel, DC, had the opportunity to go to El Salvador in Central America to work as a missionary earlier this year. He set up the trip on his own through a family member knew the couple who sponsored him. This is his account of his time there.

El Salvador translates from Spanish as "The Savior" and is the only country in the world named after our Savior. Pastor Franklin Portillo and his wife Erica welcomed me into their humble home and treated me like family.


Winter Edition 2020

Early Saturday morning on October 10, 2020, six members of the Mt. Moriah A.M.E. Church’s Nannie Bell Missionary Society, including one associate, met at the Bates Athletic Complex in Annapolis to participate in the Virtual Walk to End Lupus Now. The team walked for 3 miles as part of the Second Episcopal District’s virtual team to bring awareness to and raise money to combat this autoimmune disease for which there currently is no cure.

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