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Named after the Dr. Rev. Jonathan Weaver, the Weaver school is a PAN-AFRICAN COLLECTIVE SCHOOL, purely humanitarian without any membership of a religious denomination but having Christian values and accommodates children of all religious denominations without any distinction. The Weaver School is located in North-Kivu Province, eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It operates under the authority of the Pan African Collective – USA. It is made of Primary and Secondary school. In fact, the socio-politico and economic aspects are not favorable in DRC in general and in North Kivu in particular. North-Kivu province has experienced a series of wars for decades.


Dr Rev. Jonathan Weaver has come to the DRC several times for more than 10 years caring out several medical missions for benefit of children in poor health, adults displaced by wars not having access to medical care, widows and all layers of population not having access to free medical care. 


The academic activities started on October 13, 2020 because of the lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. But, the normal academic year starts in September of each year. There are 3 majors from which every student is free to study after the Elementary Level (the 1st and 2nd years after primary school). The majors are: Social Techniques, Nutrition and Pedagogy (Education)

Pan African Collective

Chapter of GOMA Town Eastern Republic Democratic of the Congo Weaver Primary and Secondary School Report


Pan African Collective

Detailed Report on the Status of the Weaver School, July 2021 Report

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