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Quadrennial 2023

By Sis. Donna Lacy, WCB WMS 1st Vice President

The theme for the 20th WMS Quadrennial was Exalting Christ, Empowering Missionaries, Equipping The Saints for Greater Impact. After arriving and picking up my registration kit, I attended the Delegates Forum which was conducted by Sis. Wanda Sims, Connectional WMS Parliamentarian. She reviewed our responsibilities as Delegates and reminded us that we are representing those who voted for us.

We were to keep an open mind and ask if this beneficial to the organization.

The Opening Service started with the processional of Life Members, and there were so many ladies who have served the WMS for over 25 years. Host Bishop Frank Madison Reid III preached a powerful word. His topic was, “Focus on the Mission, Not the Mess.” No matter what is going on at work, in the church or at home, we should remain focused on our calling as missionaries. Each Episcopal District presented their Stewardship Report for their last four years of work. The Second Episcopal District’s (SED) video report was introduced by Supervisor Arelis Davis and SED President Selerya Moore. It was a tribute to the work of the SED WMS foot soldiers over the last four years. Our very own Sis. Chandelle Ivey, WMS Connectional Treasurer, gave an excellent Finance Report. Sis. Margaret Maske, Connectional PME Director, presented her final report and received numerous awards.

The SED WMS had the highest attendance in three categories: attendance/ membership, associates (men), Young Adult Missionaries (YAM) and highest number of WMS membership cards. Our very own YPD Director, Sis. Stephanie Gilliard, along with her team came in 2nd place for the WMS Foundation Walk. The SED held their District breakfast where games were played and prizes presented. The SED’s donations to AME SADA and other initiatives totaled $18,260, for which the WCB gave $8,380.00 in gift cards to Dolly Adams Shelter and $13,000 to SADA.

Along with other dignitaries, we were blessed to have Vice President Kamala Harris speak during the convention. She motivated us to stand up against the bullies and the injustices that are being done against African Americans. We were encouraged to become involved in politics. We as black women wield a lot of power in America, however we don’t take advantage of it. As the 20th Quadrennial Session of the WMS concluded, hands were raised as attendees from around the world joined in the Missionary Benediction. Eyes were not looking behind; but rather, they were looking forward as the spirit of Christian mission presses on to mission work.

Pictured: SED members with Bishop and Mother Davis; Bishop and Mother Davis, SED President Selerya Moore and WCB WMS Immediate Past President Jeanette S. Hite


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